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At CVS Health, our number one goal is to provide outstanding service and value to our customers – while meeting their healthcare needs and making their overall shopping experience as easy as possible. Having the products our customers want in stock is a large part of meeting our goal. We understand that working successfully with suppliers who share our values, including our promise to deliver outstanding service, and our commitment to the highest standards of integrity, help make our goal a reality.

Midwest Distribution Center

Preparations are well underway for starting up the new Midwest Distribution Center, located in Kansas City, MO. It will be a full service distribution center, carrying both Front Store and Pharmacy products, with first shipments to stores occurring on October 1, 2018. For specific questions, click here for additional information about the DC. Please note: receipts of product cannot be accepted at the DC earlier than July 2, 2018.

Midwest DC Frequently Asked Questions

New Mandatory Forecasting EDI Document: Projected Forecasting using the 830 Document

In the coming months, CVS will be making a change to its Forecast and Replenishment system. We will use the full capability of our JDA planning system to execute on Total Planned Demand. A new Forecast Report will show total need (as Projected Receipts) by SKU/DC and be provided to our supplier community via an EDI 830 document.

The new report will include all Front Store items that are carried in the CVS DCs. The following will apply:

  • Projected receipts will be planned weekly by JDA and reported each Monday by fiscal week.
  • The regular and promotional demand will be represented in a single Total Demand value.
  • The report will include 12 weeks of future receipt information. Total Demand projected receipts (combining Promo and Regular demand) will be included in weeks 1 through 8. Weeks 9 through 12 will reflect only regular receipts.
  • The report will be updated weekly based on JDA recalculation due to ad changes, sales over/under sell, regular forecast changes, safe stock adjustments, and store/DC BOH changes.
  • These orders are expected to be received by the DC by the specific week reported.
  • PO STA compliance is critical to meet store demand needs.

EDI 830 mapping specifications are available at this link. CVS 830 Planning Forecast Schedule

Promo Integration Update for Suppliers 9-18-17

CVS/Pharmacy Collaborative Merchandising Gateway™ (CVS CMG®)

CVS has created a new web based portal to share daily POS and Inventory data with our Front Store for-resale suppliers. This portal will provide suppliers with direct access to daily POS and Inventory data from all CVS/pharmacy stores. As this system will also be used internally, it will allow us to synchronize perspectives with our suppliers and focus more energy on selling the right products at the right time and in the right stores.

A few key features of the new portal:

  • Historical POS and inventory data down to the store level
  • Daily circular and TPR Sales
  • Performance by store groups & geographic regions
  • Daily inventory updates by distribution center, by store, by item

To ensure that everyone is looking at the same information, we will no longer be providing CVS/pharmacy EDI POS/Inventory data access (e.g., 852 & 846 EDI feeds) via other data companies or third parties. Upon release, the CMG will provide the CVS/pharmacy data of record for all business development discussions.

We have partnered with Information Resources Inc., (IRI) in the development of the CMG and will be leveraging their advanced database structure and highly flexible user interface. Access to the CMG will be on a subscription basis and Suppliers will work directly with IRI to sign up. Pricing has also been predetermined; therefore, please direct all questions regarding participation and pricing to our IRI partners at CVSCMG.ClientSupport[email protected]

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